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Hi, I'm Isabelle

Virtual Assistant and Designer, with a huge love for creating an easier life for you and take some responsibilities off your shoulders to open up your time for the really essential things.

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How I work

I believe that every person and every project is as unique as their dreams.

I believe that the key to my growth lies in making every customer a happy customer.

I believe in life-long learning to be able to deliver high-quality work. I believe in challenging myself everyday to create the best possible solution and outcome in the most efficient ways.

To make sure that you only receive (and pay for) the services that you need, I will get an in-depth understanding of  your business needs before working with you.
If these exceed the tasks I’m comfortable with, I have a network who will do the job to your fullest satisfaction without you having to deal with more than one contact person.

Being a quick thinker and an adaptable creative, I will focus on the best solution for your specific needs every step of the way!

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Here's to my happy Clients

"Isabelle is an awesome business partner and helps me to manage a lot of marketing and project tasks. She has great know-how and can truly make my visions come to life. I appreciate her ideas and creativity for any wishes and needs my company has, as her prime concern is customer satisfaction."

Jana Bauer, General Manager - Skydive Colibri

"Isabelle is one of those rare project managers that develop true
ownership for the task you assign to them! She works with a great amount of self-responsibility and gave us valuable new perspectives on our projects. Most importantly, it was fun to collect fresh concept ideas together with her!"

Matthias Lindner, CEO - AR action

"We approached Isabelle because of her enthusiasm for our industry and her background in content creation. She created a promotional  video for us and we’re really pleased with the results. Isabelle has executed our brief well and has worked closely with our team to create content that is engaging for customers and industry commentators alike. She is a pleasure to work with, as well as being fast to respond and able to adapt.  I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending her for remarkable service."

Bonnie Kozeluh, Marketing Consultant - Skydive Bay of Islands

"When I needed some creative but professional PowerPoint slides created in a very short time, I turned to Isabelle and wasn't disappointed. She is responsive and reacts quickly and her designs work for me and my clients. I will definitely work with her again."

Markus Schwarz, SAP Consultant and Small Business Owner

"As a small business owner, I'm always having too much on my plate. That's why it's good to know that I can approach Isabelle with all different kinds of tasks. She's very good in administration and project management, she's very reliable and a quick learner. "

Jonathan Koch, CEO of Rapid Human Innovation

Business Talk

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