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My Work History

I’ve always been interested in Management and Marketing. So after school, I did some internships and learned a lot about Public Relations working for VAUDE for 9 months, about Event Management working for a successful one-person agency for over a year and about Human Resource Marketing working for ZF Friedrichshafen for 6 months.

After studying Media and Education Management, I worked as a Remote Project Manager for a small technical eLearning agency for the first two years of my career.  The next three years I deepened my knowledge situated in Munich as an Account and Business Development Manager and then Project Manager working for a Swiss eLearning company that had the whole development team sitting in their branch in Toronto.
Remote work is what I surely am good at after these years ;-)

I started skydiving and found my passion in Indoor Skydiving, so I started to work for FlyStation Munich as a Frontdesk Manager and quickly moved Berlin to work for Windobona Berlin as Head of Customer Service. I loved this job and followed my passion for one year.

Then I’ve got the opportunity to work as a Virtual Assistant and be able to travel the world and I jumped right into it as travelling always was another passion of mine and I absolutely love learning and trying new things in life!

And here I am, living my dreams and helping you to make yours come true as well!

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My Personality

When working with me you will get a positive, open-minded, dedicated jack of all trades, who is focused on finding the quickest and best solution for your needs. I never abandon a project halfway-through and will make it right until you’re happy with it. I am very adaptable and flexible so it will be easy for me to understand your world and see through your eyes.

Because of my strong sense for taking responsibilities serious, I am a very reliable person.
I enjoy creating order from chaos and finding the missing links which makes me an excellent organizer. Equally much I need to let my creative juices flow and love to design your brand or create your next website, ebook or training course.

Besides being a self-motivated and fast learner who doesn’t need much supervision, I am a proactive problem solver. I love managing different tasks and teams, so it never gets boring.

In all my past positions I have worked alongside CEOs who not only enjoyed my assertive go-getter personality but also liked that I am comfortable with multi-tasking and an excellent communicator.
I know that sounds too good to be true… Want to know some of my flaws, too?

I am easily bored and don’t like repetitive tasks that could be automated or solved quicker
with a better process implemented. I also find it hard to keep my opinion to myself, so you can expect me to tell you if I think there is a better way.

Oh and I try to live vegan and do a lot of meditation and yoga, but I am also a bit lazy in my free time so I don’t really have the discipline to go through with all of it everyday...

Does this sound like someone you want to work with? Then I’m looking forward to get in touch!

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