How a Virtual Assistant can help you start your own Business

February 21, 2019

Hello again!

I honestly think that starting your own business is one of the bravest things a person can do. I've been there, seeing so many of my friends starting out and being successful and still it took me years to be ready myself and take the leap.

There are so many obstacles to overcome, doubting yourself and being doubted by others, worry about finding clients and creating a steady income. That's a lot having on your mind. And it requires a lot of courage to go through with it and make it happen.

Opening a small business is a lot easier when you have a virtual assistant to help you.

Once you have decided to start your own business, there will be so much to get done. You will need the basic designs, like your logo, a website, maybe business cards and letterheads and brochures and you might want a professional looking proposal template and company presentation. You might want to set up your facebook page, create an email marketing campaign or landing page, a sales funnel or social media. And that all just comes second to creating your actual business, creating the product, writing down your services and put a price tag on them and then start to find and communicate with your customers.

If you feel that's too much to handle, I'm here to help you. I can take most of the work off your shoulders and give you a clear process where to start and what I need as input from your side to run with it and make it happen in no time. You go and focus on the critical parts of getting your business up and running.

Here's a few things you might want to think about when planning on starting a small business:

1. Come up with a great idea

What are you passionate about? What do you need but don't know where to find it? What do you know people in your environment need that you could provide? Follow your intuition and when you feel confident, you're on the right path.

2. Figure out where you need help

You might be the kind of person how thinks she can do it all alone, and probably you are! But we aren't great at everything and even if you might be able to find all information online and learn to do it all by yourself, you will loose a lot of time in the process. Time that's wiser to spend on developing your business and doing what you're already great at. Are you able to set up a website for your business and write all the content for it? Are you good in social media management and creating the needed graphics for staying in brand? There's a chance to find a virtual assistant who can not only take all these things and do them for you in no time but also is a partner in crime and absolutely understands what you're going through and can even support you mentally and give you a proven concept and process on where and how to start.

3. Think about your budget

You might start your business without heaps of financial funds in the back hand and the first years will be rough as well. of course, you don't want to spend money where it's not necessary. But the quicker you're all set, the quicker you can start making money. And that's what it's all about, right? Getting yourself out there and making money while watching your funds.

That's why many small businesses don't hire employees for a long time during the start-up phase. Employees are expensive, they have sick days, vacation days, you have to pay taxes and insurance and training and when they decide to leave all that effort and money was for nothing. Hiring an virtual assistant can make your life easier. And as a bonus, you just use them when you need them. In the first month, you only need a project based work for setting up the website? Don't pay for more. In the next month, you might need some more frequent support. Ask for a monthly retainer and get exactly the hours of work that you're paying for. No need to pay someone for 8 hours a day when you only need them for two.

So now it's your turn. Are you in the process of starting your own business and need support? Are you up and running already and maybe even growing more than you expected?

Get in touch and let's see where I can come in and make your life easier!

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